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24 Oct


Hamsa’s hand is one of the most ancient tales used in modern culture. This symbol is able to evade the evil eye and draw the power of the Protector God. Hamsa is shaped like a five-fingered hand symmetrically with a thumb at each. Hamsa or Chamsa – meaning “five” in Arabic, refers to the five fingers stretching of the hand. The Hamsa logo can be found in many places: the blessing house, the lock hook, the home decor, the Hamsa pendant design and more.


The shape of Hamsa’s hand, unlike ordinary human hands, is symmetrical with the thumb on either side. Hamsa’s origins can be traced back thousands of years, and are associated with the moon goddess, Tanit – one of the Carthaginian goddesses. Tanit is also known as a female fertility and war.


In later stages, the Hamsa was known to Judaism and Islam. In Islam, Hamsa is called the Hand of Fatima or the Eye of Fatima. Fatima refers to Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Mohammad – the prophet of Islam. According to legend, Fatima is stirring hot milk, when her husband – Ali suddenly came to another woman. Fatima was shocked, making her spoon fall into the casserole and Fatima continued to stir using her hand. Fatima’s hands therefore have become a symbol of faith and tolerance. Fatima cried aloud. So the eye is fixed in the middle of Hamsa’s.

In Judaism, the symbol has no Islamic meaning but is also used as a guardian amulet against the evil eyes of traditional Jews. Hamsa’s hand is said to help dispel evil or negative energy and bless its owners for luck and fortune. The Hebrew language usually holds the Semitic name, Hamsa, but it is also called by the alternate name – Hamesh Hand (as Hama in Arabic, meaning year), Miriam’s hand or God’s hand. Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron, and played an important role in the Exodus. The five-fingered Kabbalists represent the five books of the Torah.

When Hamsa points to the ground, it attracts women’s energy and luck. When the Hasma just ascend to the sky, it attracts men’s energy, holds the evil eye, and brings personal self-defense. After many years, the image of fish, David’s star and other guardian amulets were added to the Hamsa design.

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