Remove tattoos

  • You have 1 tattoo !?

  • You are completely satisfied with the tattoo, because it is beautiful, meaningful to you, express your personality both through the tattoo.

  • But for some reason (family, work, …), you can not keep the tattoo anymore.

  • Then there is a way to remove tattoos?

We are a reputable tattoo shop for years and we thoroughly understand the skin surface, the ink tattoos, so removing a tattoo is not difficult.

With our knowledge of modern equipment, we will make sure to put your tattoo into the past.

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Remove tattoos leave scarring?

100% of customers before the deletion asked the same, the technology of the shop to use completely without scarring because of using the latest laser beam Y.A.G now. It only breaks down the toner particles under the skin and only damages the skin at the minimum level so it will not leave any scarring.

Remove tattoos take a long time?

Unlike tattoos (only once will be done) To remove tattoos to not be scarred we will follow the process. After each course, tattoos will be blurred by 20 to 40% depending on the status of the tattoo (blur or bold, good or not) and the interval between each treatment is at least 3 weeks, and must Performs as directed by the process.

Is the price of tattoo removal expensive?

Our tattoo removal costs are inexpensive when compared to the effect achieved and theaters use the same technology. Price is determined by the size and darkness of the image, you contact us directly to support staff to consult and quote.