Tattoo hair

Over time, the hair conditioner is gradually reduced, leading to hair loss (head on the temples), permanent loss of hair and scalp. bald).
Some people over the age of 50 are just starting to get rid of this condition, but the society that develops young people overuse their cosmetics for hair. This is happening before the age of 30. Confidence in appearance, often looking older than age, and affect the state of the face.
To meet that need Lucky tattoo we have introduced the trend of “tattoo hair roots” from abroad. This is a form of tattoos for hair loss, depending on the size of the hair and the size of the actual hairline. We will implant the toner in many shades and sizes. most natural and natural.

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Phone: 0943709537 or 0927777177

Is the cost of hair tattooing expensive?

The cost of implementation is perfectly suited to everyone, the price will depend on the actual quantity and requirements of the customer. Please contact the staff directly for advice and quotes.

How long does it take to have pain, and what to do?

Time depends on the number of feet or hair, on average only 1 to 3 hours. And no pain at all, just schedule a visit and come to work.

How to make a tattoos?

We will first advise on the hairline, then shape the hairline. – Cleansing and exfoliating at the skin area. – Anesthesia on scalp area – Use a needle-punching machine in the preformed hairline. – Cleaning and applying skin regeneration cream. If you are feeling uncomfortable and lack confidence in having a “bald head” please go with us, we will give you satisfaction