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24 Oct

Things to know when removing tattoos

Tattoos last forever – unless you do not want to. Whatever the reason is broken love or job requirements, today, people can choose how to remove the tattoo. The process of removing tattoos can be time consuming and costly, but the results are quite satisfactory. Just like when you go for a tattoo at the beginning, tattooing success depends on the type of ink used as well as the color of the tattoo.

The best way to remove tattoos is by laser treatment. And just like when you go for a tattoo, consult a dermatologist. People will tell you the possible options to remove the tattoos and whether to remove them or not. For example, black tattooing on European white skin will be erased almost without remnants, while green or purple ink will be slightly pale.

That’s because the most popular tattoo removal method, called the Q-switched laser, compares the color difference between the skin and the tattoo. If there is a clear color contrast, the laser will bombard the colored particles into smaller particles that the body can absorb. The older the tattoo, the easier to break the color and the sooner fade. The smaller the tattoos, the more easily erased and therefore the cost is also cheaper. The bigger the tattoo, and the closer it is to the color, the harder it is to remove it.

Những điều cần biết khi xóa hình xăm

A side effect of tattoos removal is that it can leave scars, although laser scars are often smaller and more difficult to see than scars caused by tattoos removal by other methods such as skin grafting, plastic surgery or cold surgery. Often you will have to treat it several times before the tattoo disappears completely. After each treatment, you must keep the skin clean and dry but also keep the skin moist.

In spite of the inconvenience and expense involved, removing tattoos will open up new opportunities for work and love. Being able to leave a tattoo in the past is worth spending a lot of money and suffering a little for a while.

Những điều cần biết khi xóa hình xămNhững điều cần biết khi xóa hình xăm

Những điều cần biết khi xóa hình xăm

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