About Us


Artits Tran Anh Duc, known under the name KIO, was born in the family to do art. He started to get acquainted with fine arts from his school years, before joining tattooing and also participated in a number of other artistic activities such as graffiti, motorbike and car airbrush decorations, and achieved quite a lot of success in the field of participation.

With tattooing since 2007, this time around looking for a trendy tattoo artist is only counted on the finger, and the amateur tattoo artist is full of sugar, so that’s why. It’s hard for me to study, but luckily I found a really good person to study, that is Tam Bi, a famous name in the current tattoo Vietnam.

After more than 4 years of study and work in Tattoo Biology, he and his teachers have developed into strong tattoo artists (thailand.japan.taiwan ..) to continue to improve their professional skills. With a high artistic understanding, he does pretty well all types of tattoos (euro, asian, 3d.old school ..)

He has also won numerous international and national tattoos, and he is a good choice for a beautiful and safe tattoo.